Ah, ‘Tis the Season…

The next person who tells me, “I live my life by Christian principles” or some other nonsense is going to get punched in the face (not literally, but I’m sure I’ll think of something witty and pithy to say).

This is not a diatribe against Christians, not in the least. Some of my best friends are devoutly Mormon, Catholic, etc. No, this is a diatribe against people who feel the need to tell me about what good Christians they are. And I’ve found that those who feel the need to tell me about their good Christian values are either trying to sell me something, get me to vote for them, or have done something truly mean-spirited and want me to go away happy.

It’s as if, by claiming to be a good Christian, it somehow makes what they did OK. As if they don’t have to own their words because they’re a “good Christian” and would never do anything hurtful. Why can’t said good Christians, instead of trying to justify their good intent–or lack of ill intent–with their faith, simply say “I’m sorry” and actually mean it?

My truly devout friends, the ones I know for certain try to live a Christian life, don’t seem to feel this same driving desire to espouse their beliefs as a means to get out of trouble or sell me something. I don’t mind hearing about religion–I actually enjoy discussing it. I think church and religion play an important part in many people’s lives. For those actually striving to live a life based on (insert religion here) principles, they don’t tell me how they try to do it, they just do it.

So, if you’re trying to live a good life, just do that. Try. And when you fail, don’t talk about the life you’re trying to lead, just freaking apologize so we can all move on. And if you don’t want to apologize, then don’t. Own who are you. Seriously. As Martin Luther said, if you’re going to sin, sin boldly. I always liked that quote.

Because when you tell me you’re a good Christian, and then you turn around and say something truly hateful in the next breath, I don’t believe anything you say. But I do hate you a little bit more.

It’s people like you who give all Christians a bad name.



2 thoughts on “Ah, ‘Tis the Season…”

  1. The nice thing about being an avowed atheist is that generally speaking, I behave better than Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins. They set the bar comfortably low, bless them. 😉

    1. I think it was Steven Pinker who made the argument that if everyone were an atheist and lived like there was nothing after this life, that MOST people would be better behaved (or something along those lines). I don’t know if I agree with him necessarily, but it was an interesting argument.

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