Return of the Sleepwalker

Sea Monkey is a sleep-walker… She gets it from her mother.

I’ve caught her on her princess rug, walking tight little circles, complaining about the alligators that are going to eat her toes if she tries to escape to go to the bathroom. I’ve caught her sitting in the sink in her bathroom. Just sitting there.

Last night, she was crying and turning circles on her princess rug. When husband went to talk to her, she was complaining that she couldn’t find the bathroom in her castle. When M suggested that she go to the bathroom, she ran in there. Then she wandered down the hall to my bathroom, took off her shirt, turned on the shower to the exact spot it’s always positioned when she’s in it, went back to her room and went to sleep.

During these… episodes… you can talk to her, but the answers you get are always interesting.

“Sea, what are you doing?”

“I’m getting married, Mom, and I can’t find my house.”

“Who are you marrying?”


“Maybe you should go to bed?”

“Where’s the wedding church? It’s not here. I can’t get married in a castle.”

I actually think a castle is a fine place to get married, but whatever.

“Go to bed, Sea Monkey.”


There’s a reason the dogs sleep on the stairs. Not only does she have to get through two gates, but she has to get past Frank and his ruckus. One of us should wake up to that. We installed baby gates as soon as she could walk… They aren’t necessary now, but they will stay up for as long as she continues to sleep walk. Which could be a very long time.

After all, I was still sleep walking at sixteen. That’s when I woke up on the street in front of my house, wearing nothing but my pajamas (and thank heavens it wasn’t one of those “Oh, I’ll just sleep in my t-shirt and underwear” kind of nights). It was a bit scary that I got so far completely asleep. I think I only woke up because it was cold.

But Lordy, if this goes on for that long, I’ll never get any sleep.



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