I have received my first blog hater….

At first, I was a little upset by this. After all, having someone tell you they dislike what you’re doing does tend to hurt your feelings. I, personally, have never felt the need to tell someone I hated their blog, and I’ve read blogs with spelling errors, grammatical errors, and written on a topic that I found so boring that I actually stopped reading. But I never wrote to tell them I hated their stuff. Mostly because what they’ve written is entertaining for someone, and I am, perhaps, not the target audience.

The blog in question was, admittedly, not my best work. And thank you, anonymous hater, for pointing that out.

Because, here’s the thing: after I got over the initial shock of 1) OMG, someone actually reads the blog, and 2) someone actually hates it, I felt… legit.

I have my first hater. It’s almost like getting that first rejection letter (which was nicer than the hater comments). I deleted the hater comment… And now, I wish I hadn’t. I wish I’d written back to her (struck me as written by a female), and thanked her. And I’m not talking about a snotty, “Gee, thanks for nothing, you raving sack of horse manure,” I’m mean a true thank you.

Critical feedback is appreciated. Yes, the blog in question was not my best work. No, she didn’t offer anything constructive. But she took the time to comment, which means she actually read the entire post. Maybe it’s five minutes of her life she’ll never get back, and, to the anonymous hater, I apologize for that.

But, in return, I extend the olive branch.

Thank you for reading the blog and for taking the time to respond. Every author I’ve ever met has people who hate their stuff. So now, I may actually be legit.


4 thoughts on “Haters”

  1. Oooooh, now I wish you hasn’t deleted the hater comment too! As a lover of all things YOU, I would have enjoyed the bloggy banter that could have ensued between the hater and your fans.

  2. ack! and now there’s bad grammar! i meant to say threw, not through, but alas, it’s late for me and I don’t know how to delete a comment once it’s posted.

    1. I totally have your back, Queen Lucy. I knew what you meant. Love ya, toots! When you rule the world, I shall be your personal scribe and write your memoirs… 😉

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