A million things I’d rather be doing.

Here are the top 20 things I’d rather be doing than cleaning my house:

20. Driving around in my car

19. Doing revisions of my book.

18. Having coffee at the library.

17. Writing the church newsletter.

16. Watching soap operas.

15. Listening to the radio and daydreaming.

14. Cutting my toenails.

13. Going to work.

12. Taking in a movie.

11. Having lunch.

10. Planning a week’s worth of menus that I won’t make because somehow, I’ll run out of time.

9. Writing the blog

8. Writing the book.

7. Talking to a friend on the phone.

6. Emailing my friends.

5. Reading a book.

4. Reading a book to the kids.

3. Playing with the kids.

2. Chatting with M.

1. Having sex.


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