My life as the Borg

You may not have noticed this, but I am a geek… So yes, the Star Trek: Next Gen reference is intentional, and understood.

Right now, I’m undergoing a minor medical test. I’ve been wearing a holter monitor for the last 23 and a half hours (just a few more minutes to go–yeehaw!). I have wires just about everywhere, but it’s not the huge pain in the ass that everyone told me it would be. Throwing up all the time is way worse.

In any case, husband saw me with the monitor on–wires and all, and he says, “You look like the Borg.”

My geeky response: “Yes. I am Seven of Eleven. Because I like snacks.”

Sure, I don’t look nearly so hot as Seven of Nine in a bodysuit, but hell, I can have a slurpee if I want one.

Long live Seven of Eleven!

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