How To Phrase the “Poke” Email

Well, it’s getting to be time to submit my “poke” email to one of the agents I submitted to.

Now, before anyone calls me out, she did specifically say when I met her that this was okay to do. It’s been 14 weeks (but who’s counting?) since I submitted my manuscript, and everyone else who submitted around the same time as I did (or even a few days later) has heard back. I, however, don’t even know if she received my submission.

I have heard, precisely, nothing.

I’m sure she’s busy. I know she probably has a million things to read. If she hasn’t received it–if it got junk mailed, or lost in the ether, I’d like her to get it. After all, she requested it.

If she has gotten it, and this is a nonverbal rejection, then won’t I feel like a jackass?

I want to be politely professional in my email, but this just makes me sound like a neurotic princess. I want to be funny in my email (because I’m funny in person), but that just makes me sound unprofessional and wacky. Zany is good in books, but I’m not so certain it works when one is trying to acquire an agent. Wacky would be fine if I were multiply published, but alas, I am not.

The issue really is: she was so nice, making my first pitching experience easy and fun, and I really don’t want to be a jerk. Or viewed as a jerk, because a good eighty percent of the time, I’m not one. For the other twenty percent of the time, all bets are off.

So here I am, pondering how to find that happy medium between bitchy and wacky.

Maybe there isn’t one.

I. Just. Don’t. Know. What. To. Do.



3 thoughts on “How To Phrase the “Poke” Email”

    1. Thanks! I’ve visited this site before, and it’s awesome. I don’t know if I’ll actually send the “poke” email, but it worked for M. He sent his poke and wound up publishing his article a few weeks later.

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