No, no. Not for me. I don’t have that.

For my son.

Demon boy, who threw fits last week like an angry eel (lots of shrieking and writhing around on the ground), has decided that he will work at being good in order to gain access to the sword fighting game on the Wii (it’s bloodless, like fencing. I’m not letting him play Preschool Grand Theft Auto or anything like that. I may not be the best parent in the world, but I know where to draw the line).

But that demon boy is gone this week. What I have this week is a boy who nibbles on his potatoes, flashes me his winningest grin and says, “Thank you, Mom, for making such delicious food. These are the best potatoes ever!” Never mind that I am fully aware he doesn’t like them. He’s flirting with me, and being charming at school, in exchange for playing a video game where he actually has to be active.

It’s pretty cute. My little butterball boy will even run when the person the screen runs. He gets really into it. But, more importantly, he’s so sweet to get it.

I know he’s manipulating me, but if I get good behavior out of it–he has to earn it by being good at home and school for at least two days in a row–does it really matter?

He’s sweet. He’s charming. He will actually go to bed without (too much of) a complaint. So I finally found something he cares enough about to behave for.

He even made a friend. Two, in fact. It was very sweet.



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