Five Things About my Daughter

I’ve dedicated more than a few posts to my son, Chewey. So this one is for Sea Monkey.

Some things, like her love of banjos, I totally understand. I love banjos too. But here are some of SM’s quirks.

1) She can do the robot to banjos. It’s awesome.

2) Her little booty is always in motion. Even when she’s standing still, the thing is moving. And if there’s any music involved, whether banjos or mariachi or Nine Inch Nails, that thing is bouncing. It’s cute now, but I think it will start freaking her father out when she’s about 13.

3) She loves outdoor wilderness shows. And fishing shows (Dual Survival and Monster Fish are big favorites. Other kids are watching cartoons. SM is busy pondering why Cody doesn’t wear shoes and trying to start fires in the backyard with sticks and rocks–supervised, of course, on the off chance she’s successful. She also wants to try to catch a giant catfish).

4) She really wants to go bowling. Loves, loves, loves bowling. Sure, I took bowling in high school instead of PE, but I’m not any good at it. I got a 69 on my bowling final (incidentally, a failing score). Granted, it was kind of on purpose. I hit 69 on the 9th frame, so I threw gutter balls for the rest of the game to keep it. It’s not like I was going to pass the final, anyway.

5) She’s desperate to go camping. Me, I’m a “You want me to do what in the wilderness?” kind of girl. I once held it for two days because I was in the wilderness with no access to bathrooms. Kid will drop trow just about anywhere if she has to pee. I’ve slept in some pretty skeevy places in my time, but I always had access to a bathroom. The functionality of said bathroom was somewhat questionable (warm water for less than two minutes, and a toilet so dirty I still shudder to think about it), but it was there. She wants to camp, catch her own food (though I’d be stunned if she decided to eat it), sleep under the stars. I’m willing, but nervous to sleep in a tent. I’m not a lucky person. I’d step on a snake, or get eaten by a bear (I’m pretty certain I’d be delectable), sprain an ankle on the way to the bathroom.

Anyway, so there are five little factoids about my kid. In case you wanted to know.


2 thoughts on “Five Things About my Daughter”

  1. Sweetcakes, campgrounds with flushies exist. If you’re absolutely desperate, send her up here. We have many. 🙂

  2. I know they do. But I’m also a little nervous about being eaten by bears out in the wilderness (because that WOULD happen to me, you know). DIdn’t worry so much about what STD I might pick up from some of those bathrooms in Europe, however. Don’t know why.

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