Changes, Part II

I guess I’m done with changes for the day.

It’s been a big day for the blog, what with changing the title of the blog, and the tagline. And, hell, the theme. And adding the widgets. And taking some of them away.

Actually, let’s be honest: there’s not a darn thing I haven’t changed about the blog today.

The new title is not only a reference to my aspirations of becoming a romance novelist, but is also something that would happen to me if I regularly wore a bodice. Actually, I’d probably get felt up in a bodice, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Except it would be by the creepy guy in History who spends the entire class period making chain mail.

Oh wait, that really did happen. To me.

So, yes, there’s a bee in my bodice. I’m sure there will be lots of shrieking, general insanity, and maybe, if we’re lucky, a little romance.

And maybe, just maybe, some really, really good news.

Hey, there’s always hope.


One thought on “Changes, Part II”

  1. I’ve decided that, for now, I like this theme. I think it’s got everything I’m looking for–for right now. But let me know if you agree. I’m willing to take comments and suggestions.

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