My Day, 10 to 1

10. Number of times I wished for a bigger office (actually, this is probably a minimum number, but …) It’s a reformed storage closet, so it fits two kids and one adult comfortably. One kid in a wheelchair and one adult okay with some rearranging of furniture. Three kids and one adult and one wheelchair… Uh, not so much. Granted, I’ve worked at a card table outside the staff bathroom before, so it could be worse. Oh, and once I didn’t even have an office. I did therapy in the staff lounge, the library, and on the floor in the hallway. So hey, I’m grateful for my reformed closet.

9. Number of times I told one child to sit down in a single, twenty-minute session. It was a very, very long twenty minutes.

8. Number of times I got kicked out of the IEP program before figuring out that the stinking thing is down. Again. Because I’m smart.

7. Number of kids in my afternoon group (a delightful group. Darling)

6. Number of times Sea Monkey bocked at me when I asked her if she was chicken.

5. Number of things I bought at PetsMart (dog food x 2, cat food x2, cat litter)

4. Number of contact lenses I wear at once. No, I do not literally have four eyes. I may be funny lookin’, but I’m not that funny lookin’. Two in each eye. Because I’m THAT lucky.

3. The number of times my foot got run over by a mechanized wheelchair (hence some of the wishing for a bigger office)

2. Number of times Chewey asked for a boa constrictor. Also the number of times I rearranged the furniture in my office. And the number of reports I had to rewrite from my house at 6:30 this morning because the network crashed.

1. Number of rejections I got today (though, before you feel bad for me, it was very nice. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I haven’t gotten one I’d consider mean yet. I could be mad then. But this one? Really encouraging. For a rejection, that is)

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