5 Crazy Things About Me (that you wish you didn’t know)

1. I hate mice. I think they’re vile little creatures. I’m so phobic that, in fifth grade, for Fun Friday, I refused to watch the movie The Secret of Nimh because just watching the movie made me so upset I felt nauseous. I’m not a huge fan of snakes, either, but I could hold myself together just long enough to appease my fifth grade teacher. That being said, when he went to feed the thing, I passed out cold. I guess I “got the vapors.” Yes, you may call me Scarlett.

Damn things. They carry plague, for the love of God.

2. I’m not a big fan of cows (or bulls), either. While a rodent phobia is actually fairly understandable, a fear of cows just seems to leave people scratching their heads. Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense. But they’re big, and they stampede. Besides, I’ve seen pictures from Pamplona. No way I’m doing that crap. Seriously. That’s insane.

I wouldn't want to meet this guy on the road. Just saying.

3. I’m allergic to lots of things, but my allergies periodically change. At 19, I was diagnosed with an allergy to dogs and cats. I refused to believe it, and kept my dog. Now, I am no longer allergic to either, but I’m allergic to eggs and beef (and the wings of winged insects). Go figure.

My dog.

4. I believe pets should only have old people names. I don’t know why, but I have a thing for old sounding names. My first dog was Hank. My cat is Josephine. This dog is Francis (Ignacio della Vega), mostly because I thought it would be funny to yell “Francis! Come!” to a dog who looks like he would eat your liver for breakfast.

5. I have a fondness for some really horrible names. Chewey just barely dodged a bullet with his middle name.  No, no, I mean it. I even knew it was heinous, but I freaking love the name Angus (and Fergus and Seamus). I know it sounds like I’m naming him after a side of beef (which, despite my allergy and my general loathing for all things bovine, I really did used to like). I get it. Still, it’s a great name. Luckily for Chewey, I got distracted by this man.

Wyatt Earp

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