All Over Again

For the second time in less than two weeks, I’m having a major case of deja vu. Weirdest thing ever.

Today, it was when I was entering my many-great grandmother’s information into a genealogy website. I know I’ve never done it before, except that as I did it, as I looked at her name and her dates and the name of the website, I felt like I had. That I’d done this before.

It happened last week when I was moving my office and again a couple of weeks ago too, when I was writing a scene in my current WIP. I was writing it for the first time, but it felt like I’d already done it.

I don’t know what to make of it, but it really is weird.

I’ve read that scientists think deja vu is the result of frontal lobe seizures, but I’m pretty certain I’m not having one right now. I’ve also read that it’s the result of partial wish fulfillment. Eh. Maybe. But then, how to explain the dream I had over two years ago that I actually experienced last week?

I can’t explain it, but I know it’s weird.

Have you ever had deja vu, and what do you think it is?


2 thoughts on “All Over Again”

  1. I’ve had deja vu a lot recently, too – after a long absence. I think it’s just crossed wires and chemical reactions, but I’m not very romantic about these things. Also, because I get really creeped out by the sensation, I’d prefer for it to have no other meaning! 😉

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we had portable functional MRI devices so we could check: OK, this is a seizure, and this is just deja vu?

    1. I kind of think that it’s crossed wires too, for the most part. But sometimes, when I have a really vivid dream that later comes to fruition, I get creeped out by that. And that’s happened twice in the last two weeks. Normally my dreams are weird, dysfunctional things (the “I’m running from terrorists, have the body of one of Charlie’s Angels, and am running around with a machine gun while wearing latex pants” kind. Yeah, I know, I’m a little disturbed by that imagery too), so when they’re really normal, bland things, I tend to remember them.

      The normal, every day deja vu, where you’re like, “Oh, I’ve done this before” (like entering my many great grandmother into the website), that I totally agree is just a crossed wire. But the dreams freak me out. Every. Single. Time. But then, weird stuff tends to happen to me.

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