Dreaming of far away places

Here are the top five places I’d like to visit:

Spain... Sigh

I’ve wanted to go to Spain for years. I took a year of Spanish after I started with the school district–mostly so I could converse with my caseload–but instead of learning the language, I fell in love with the country. I’m desperate to see Barcelona and Seville, Madrid and the Alcazar de Sangovia. I picture myself drinking Spanish wine while overlooking the bright blue of the Mediterranean. Eating tappas at midnight. Watching the sun rise over the Pyrennes. Oh, Spain.

You can take the donkey, or you can take the tram. Either way, the price is the same. --Ron White

Santorini, Greece.

Sure, I would love to see Athens. Visit the Parthenon and all the temples. But the place that beckons to my heart more than any other? Santorini. Maybe it’s because every time I see pictures of it, it’s so vibrant: bright white against the brilliant blue of the Mediterranean. And because I am who I am, I picture myself sitting on a balcony, overlooking all that water, drinking ouzo and eating dolmas.

Add in some good sex (and let’s face it, if I’m there, there’s great sex involved. Shhh. Don’t wreck my fantasy. It’s nice… Mmm… Okay, I’m back), and this is my version of heaven.

Prague. The best city in Europe. Hands down

I have seen this view, and took this picture. I love this city. Granted, I don’t think I ate when I was in Prague (three or four days, I’m sure there’s someone out there who remembers how long we were there). Nope, I drank. But then, I think that was because when I was there, beer was cheaper than food or soda. And I was young and stupid, and spent several months in Europe taxing my liver while relieving my brain of most of its responsibilities. Hey, it navigated me through Europe. It had done enough.

There was something about Prague that felt distinctly old world. Berlin is like Los Angeles, just another big city, but Prague… Prague feels like something out of a fairy tale. Cobblestone streets and narrow buildings. The dark spires of the castle reaching for the night sky. It’s an old city, and you can feel the history as you touch the statues on the bridge and tour the castle. Walking those uneven streets, Prague feels old and mysterious.  Maybe a  little sinister, even. It was the most fascinating place I’ve ever been. It’s been years since I’ve been there, and I hope it hasn’t changed, because I’ve never been any place like it. I know most people want to see Paris or Venice, and they are lovely cities. But if you want to go someplace different, go to Prague.


I was always told that, if you go to Prague, you must go to Budapest. I never made it, and it’s something I regret. I hope to rectify this one day. I just need to win the lottery, and then I will spend a few months traipsing around Europe. I will indulge in good food and good wine/beer, and I will visit the jewel of Hungary: Budapest.

Istanbul. It’s not Constantinople.

I’m fascinated by Istanbul. When I visit, I will visit the Haghia Sophia, drink strong, Turkish coffee, eat flatbread, and take a ferry in the Bosphorus. I will visit the Grand Bazaar and haggle for carpets. I’ll visit the Topkapi Palace and visit the city walls.

I would do it all, if I went to Istanbul.

Of course, there are other places I’d like to visit: Australia and New Zealand, Fiji and Bora Bora. I’d love to go back to Britain. I’d love to see Wales and Cornwall. I’d love to go back to Ireland and drink Irish coffee (3 fingers Irish, one finger coffee) and have a pint of Guinness. I’d like to take the kids to the Tower of London, and relive the glory days when I got a palace guard to wink at me. I’m too old to attract the attention of a palace guard these days, but hey, it’s fun to reminisce. I want to go back to Scotland and walk the moors and drink Scotch (that last is a total fantasy, because, well, Scotch tastes like fire, and, as much as I like to fantasize about drinking, I’m such a light weight that a sip would have me roaring drunk. Still, don’t destroy the fantasy… I like it here).

Where would you go if you got the chance?

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