A New Rant

I wasn’t going to rant on my blog. In fact, I’ve really made an effort (lately) not to, because honestly, very few people actually care about what little pissant crap ticks me off.


Here goes. (Sorry)

Now, I mean this is in nicest possible way… But if you don’t know what someone is doing, but you think it might be wrong, maybe… just maybe… instead of, say, going to their boss… you should talk to them first.

Because now, you’ve just ticked me off.

I guess I should actually tell this story. Today I went down to work with some kids at a preschool. They went into the library, and I was about to follow, when I remembered that the library might be closed. So I went to the front office and asked.

I was told that it would be, so, here is my actual response. “Okay. I’ll just go to the tables in the quad.”

I wasn’t angry at this point, so I can’t imagine that I came off as peeved. I wasn’t. I just moved the girls to the other table. No big deal.

So, we’re there, playing a game, and I have them working on their speech sounds. It was a fine session. I took data in my phone (I’ll lose paper, but I won’t lose my phone, so that’s where I keep all my data. Seriously. It works best). The timer went off (I set the time so I don’t have to check the clock), I kept the girls for an additional three minutes, and then sent them back to their classrooms.

And here’s where the peevishness comes in.

By the time I got to my school, the “director” of said institution had already called my boss, demanding I be removed, because I do nothing but text and play on my phone for the entire session. They talked for ten minutes, according to my boss. It only takes me four minutes to get to my school from this particular preschool, which means that they called my principal before I’d even left.

They never once asked me what I was doing with my phone. I would have told them.

But that doesn’t matter.

This woman made up stuff. She said I got a phone call (the timer did go off, but there was no phone call. Again, I have proof, which I offered up to my boss, but she declined to look at it), and that the session went down hill from there. It didn’t. It was over. She said the kids aren’t making progress, but since I dismiss 50% of my preschoolers within one year of qualifying them, I’d say they do. The proof is… in the child’s clearer speech… and my phone.

In any case, I showed my principal the data that I took–right there in my phone–as well as the data from the previous times I’d been there. Apparently, even though they  have “therapists there every day,” they’ve never actually seen one take data. Therefore, the only person who is actually doing their job and not reporting on crap they just guessed at/made up, is me.

I have data, and running proof of progress made. I didn’t just make it up. Anyone else who comes in and doesn’t take data in some fashion is doing just that… Making up the progress at a later time. Guessing. Saying, “Oh, I guess they were 50% accurate, so that’s what I’ll say.”

A guess is not data.

Now, I’m not in trouble, because I have documented proof of what I was doing. But the fact that I had to defend myself against an attack is mind boggling. The fact that I had to spend my time calling my bosses and making sure they knew about this before it becomes an even bigger issue pisses me off.

This place pisses me off.

I suppose, in the spirit of full disclosure, I should say there has been bad blood between this site and myself in the past. Monk got kicked out of this site. They said she was “autistic.” They said she had a language impairment. Apparently forgotten what her mother does for a living. They were wrong, I knew they were wrong, and I told them so. What makes things worse is that Monk’s preschool teacher–at this same site–told her she didn’t like her. I know this is true, because Monk told me, and then I heard from other parents that this teacher would talk about my child to them. All while Monk was standing there.

Monk was two years, four months old. (I know, right?)

Needless to say, I pulled her. But when I got assigned the site, I took it, because, well, it’s my job. And it had been three years. I’m a big girl.

The lady at the front insulted Monk to my face my first day back in that building. I said nothing, but I wanted to claw her eyes out. In any case, I know they didn’t want me, and I think they’ve been trying to get rid of me ever since. I know they say stuff to parents behind my back. Sometimes, I even get to hear it.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens when I go back next week.



3 thoughts on “A New Rant”

  1. This story doesn’t even compare, by any stretch of the imagination, but…

    When my two oldest were 4 and 1, I worked at a daycare center, as the 3 year old teacher. My son was in a class and doing well, but my daughter was in the infant class taught by a woman who inexplicably hated me.

    No really, the woman LOATHED me, and I hadn’t even had the chance to ay or do something stupid, like I usually do.

    So one day, I am across the building and I hear my daughter screaming and sobbing. This goes on for well over a half an hour, and my class are all asleep for naptime, so I went to check on her. The teacher, who admittedly hated me, was standing there with her arms crossed across her chest, glowering down at my daughter…who, at 1, was in a heap in the middle of the floor, crying so hard that her eyes were almost swollen shut.

    The woman didn’t see me, and I came in right as she said “Shut the hell up.” down at my daughter, who was ONE, with a sneer on her face.

    I simply picked up my daughter, grabbed my keys, fetched my son, walked out the door and left in the middle of my shift.

    Here is the moral of my story: #1) I admire you, because you’ve lasted 3 years, and I only lasted 10 months. You are the epitome of perseverance.

    And 2.) You can’t please everyone. Sometimes people won’t like you (which I have had to learn the hard way–believe me.) and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

    Keep your chin up. You’re better than all of those thoughtless bastards. I hope one of them reads this and they realize that they are now being compared to the uneducated, white trash morons I worked at a second rate daycare with. Their education can’t save them in this comparison.

    1. That’s horrible. I freaking hate people… And some people should never, never be around kids. I don’t care how much they know, or think they do.

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