Friday Night Book Reviews

Well, I’ve decided to try my hand at book reviews. I’ve done a few of them on GoodReads, but I thought I would try it here. I get more space here (or maybe, because it’s my blog, I feel like I have more freedom to write what  I want!)

Anyway, a little bit about me as a reviewer: I read everything. I’ve read everything from Sophocles to James Joyce to Salman Rushdie to Johanna Lindsay and David Sedaris (yes, I understand that they are wildly disparate). I read trashy romance novels (see here for my definition of trashy), literary fiction and memoirs. I read nonfiction and, occasionally, poetry. I’ve been reading a lot of middle grade, mostly because I like to read to my kid, but I want to read something that will be interesting to me. (Because it’s all about me, don’t ya know?)

So, for my first review, I thought I’d start with something a little out of the box for me. Contemporary categorical.

For those of you who know me, I tend toward historicals and paranormals, and the longer they are, the better. So, to start with a contemporary categorical is somewhat of a step outside my comfort zone. But I’ve tried to branch out a bit, and I’ve decided to start with this book.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I met this author at a conference I recently attended. She was really nice, so I picked up her book. The back cover sounded interesting, and because I was determined to try new things, I bought it.

WIthout further ado, here is my review for Natasha Tate’s An Inconvenient Obsession.

He loved her, lost her–and now he’ll have her once more…

The Carrington’s family island is up for auction… (Damn, I wish *I* had one of those)

Now, that’s an invitation Ethan Hardesty just can’t refuse. This groundskeeper’s son turned global entrepreneur has it all. All, that is, except a piece of the Carrington estate–the island that holds all his most pleasurable and painful memories.

Ethan doesn’t count of the beautiful Cate Carrington handling the transaction–and providing him with the perfect opportunity to take her into the bargain. But toying with the woman who was once the girl he loved and lost soon turns from a game into an all out obsession.

Fun, huh? Rich people obsessed? Alright, I’m game.

What I didn’t count on was liking these characters as much as I did. From the back cover, I rather thought that Ethan would be a wealthy lothario–the  handsome man-slut who is charming and witty and funny and takes nothing too seriously. What I got in Ethan was so much more than that. I got a dark and twisty hero with some serious flaws. Yet those flaws never seemed over-the-top. Skirting the edges, maybe, but never enough that I ever lost sympathy for him (being honest, those flaws made me like him even more). As for Cate, our heroine, it would be so easy to be unsympathetic… Beautiful and rich? But in Cate, we have a heroine who is scarred both literally and figuratively. And it’s those scars that make her so endearing.

Oh, and the sex scenes? Totally hot.

I detest star ratings, I really do, so I won’t be assigning apples, or robots, or stars or hearts. But I will say this: if you like contemporary romance, An Inconvenient Obsession should be a book on your “MUST READ” list. Because trust me, if it could keep me riveted (she who prefers her heroes with fangs), you will fall in love with these characters.

Recommendation: Highly recommended.

Next week: Jamie Brazil’s Prince Charming Inc. (Another contemporary? Wow, I’m seeing a trend!)



One thought on “Friday Night Book Reviews”

  1. Cool. I love reading beyond my comfort zone, but so many times I slip back into my contemporary habit.
    This past summer I went on a historic romance streak for the first time ever. Some authors I “got” right away (Julia Quinn) and others I just had no idea what was up with all that Duke-ish stuff.
    Happy reading!

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