Another Guest Blog

Today I’m blogging over at the Soul Mate Author’s Blog, where I will discuss missing muses, Barry Manilow, and what I’ve done in pursuit of the muse.

I cleaned the  house.

I know, I half expected to be struck by lightning just writing that down,too. I’m pretty sure hell just froze over, anyway.

One thing for certain, I finally understand something my creative writing teacher once said to me (this was years ago. Flannel was very popular). He said that, when I don’t have a topic, I tend to be silly. But then, I once wrote a story where I intentionally made everything into a Freudian image. I mean, it was so over the top no one could read it through. It was intentionally bad and pretty stinking funny.

I called it Thor’s Mighty Hammer of Love.

So yeah, he’s right. I do devolve into silliness. In my defense, I bet he never had Barry Manilow on constant replay between his ears.

So yeah, I’ll blame it on Barry.



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