Missing Persons

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately.

I was kidnapped by pirates.

Yes, that’s an artist’s rendition of me.

Uh, what do you mean, what do you mean, you don’t believe me? Of course it happened. Really. How could you not believe me? How do I not come across as a lusty pirate wench?

Oh, yeah, the nerdiness. Right.

Well, actually, I was abducted aliens. I bet you totally buy that, right? Took me up into their spaceship, too. The weather on Alderran was awesome, right up until the planet exploded.

Oh, you saw that, too?

Uh, sorry.

Anyway, I’ve barely blogged on my own site, and I promise to do better.

Unless I get kidnapped by aliens again.

Or pirates.


4 thoughts on “Missing Persons”

    1. I really am, aren’t I? Well, okay, the hubby wishes I were, but… (did I mention the nerdiness? It extends to pirates. I LOVE pirates. Not real ones, but imaginary ones… Oh yeah. And in my imaginings, I look like that, and the hub wears a triangle hat)

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