The Ultimate Couple

As a romance writer, I spend a lot of time–and I mean a lot of time–thinking about couples, that magical pairing that works. What makes these couples click? What makes their love timeless? How do they deal with one another’s flaws, and how do they stay together for so long?

So today, I’m blogging about the Ultimate Couple, the pairing that will last a lifetime.

That’s right. Bert and Ernie.

These two have the ultimate bond. Easy going Ernie and his high strung, more type A parnter, Bert. These two do everything together. They cook together, they eat together, they live together. Heck, there’s even the romantic bubble bath together. After all, who doesn’t remember Ernie’s ode to his rubber duckie? Do you all really think that song was just about a rubber duck?

I think not, my friends. That was a metaphor for the bond Ernie shares with Bert.

So, the next time you’re trying to develop characters who share a timeless love, the ultimate in opposites attracting, look no further than your own childhood.

Look to Bert and Ernie

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