A Writer’s Life

Yes, this is me. And my conscience.


8 thoughts on “A Writer’s Life”

  1. Excellent photo. Excellent cat. I don’t believe I could write a book without my lovely little Calico assistant, pictured in my Gravatar icon staring at the computer.

    1. Thank you!

      She is a most excellent cat, and so sweet. Such a pretty little thing, too. My previous cats were all too big to perch on…well…anything. (The cat before Jo was a monster. Huge. And crosseyed. And a little crazy. And not very smart. I adored him.)

    1. She is a very pretty kitty, and so happy now that mama has moved into the bedroom. Before, she had to tolerate the dogs, so she would perch in her tower and watch from up on high. But the dogs aren’t allowed in the bedroom–it’s cat territory–so now she can sit wherever she wants. Which is right behind me.

    1. It looks clean, but it’s staged. In the other picture, a side view where the cat is editing over my shoulder, you see the giant stack of laundry in the chair next to me, begging to be folded, while I pointedly ignore it. 🙂

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