In Case You Ever Wondered…

This is what a Tyrannosaurus in a dress looks like:

We went on vacation for the long weekend–to visit a friend for his birthday (it was a big birthday, hence the two day long road trip). My daughter decided she needed–needed–this stuffed toy.

She named the dinosaur Edinor (because Rex is just too bland for a Tyrannosaurus), and took her everywhere.

The volcano.

The supermarket.

And, finally, praise the Lord, to bed.

Have a great night, everyone, and happy work day tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “In Case You Ever Wondered…”

  1. What? Darling, Edinor needs bling! B.L.I.N.G! She should be dripping in diamonds, bows and false eyelashes…and perhaps a bustier…being such a gal about town, and all.

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