Random Musings–About Me.

Totally meta, I know.

I’m not going to go all deep and philosophical, which I could, because I’ve been contemplating some deep stuff lately.

It’s totally true. I’m capable of deep thoughts, I just don’t engage in them.

So, I’m off from the day job for a bit, which is exciting. I’m currently deep in re-writes of the steam punk, and those are going well. And though I should be thinking about airships and thermite and stuff like that, I’ve been thinking about… nail polish.

(See, I choose not to think deep thoughts)

I only like to paint my toes, and my tastes in polish aren’t subtle. I don’t go for shell pink toes or french pedicures. If I’m going to paint my toenails, it’s going to be some outlandish color. Maybe because this painting of the toenails thing is a new development. After all, I used to work in a place with a no open-toe shoes policy. No sense in painting the toes if you can’t show those puppies off, right?

At first, I painted them hussy red, which was awesome. I wore matching lipstick for a week.

But hussy red is so last year. This year, I’m going even more outrageous.

The first time I painted my toes this year, I went with light blue. A pretty color, but honest to Betsy, it made me look cyanotic. So, um, no. I don’t want to have toes that look like I’m on the verge of a heart attack.

So I bought another color. Bright blue. Awesome. The following week, I painted the toes teal.(The color is technically called Blue s-teal, which is rad. I did lines from Zoolander for two days)

And the color I bought today? Green. Sure, it makes me look like I have the nastiest case of toenail fungus ever, but it’s the most awesome color.

I am so never going back  to red.


20 thoughts on “Random Musings–About Me.”

  1. I love to paint my toenails crazy colors in the summer. I’ve done chrome (which was totally cool and shiny) and I have assorted shades of blue, also a favorite! And I love purple so I have a lot of different hues. Of course, I have to replenish the supply because the polish goes funny and that is half the fun! 🙂

    1. Tiny daughter thought we should go with purple, and I’m considering it. I was also thinking maybe orange sherbet. Or yellow. Just because I can.

      A friend of mine told me that there’s a place in town that does awesome designs. She said she once got a
      dragon. I’m wondering if can get little flags or Union Jacks (for the Olympics) on my toes. How cool would that be?

  2. There’s something about living in the rainy NW that makes us obsess over pedicures and the color of our toenails once the sun comes out. You’re not alone. I’m mad for neons right now.

  3. Yes, deep thinkers…think alike! For 3 wks I worked the Pretty Woman out of a turq-green shade of toenails. Then, in a what was I thinking moment, I re-pedi’d them with fuschia…and dare I say it, they looked boring. Before the week was out, I tippy-tappied those fuschia cherries to Walgreens and bought an electric blue with a backup neon purple for my next kick-up-the-sexy…and yes, I added three rhinestone toe rings and donned strappy sandals. My toes constantly wiggle is near-orgasmic bliss. Not to mention, my other jiggly bits are strutting a new get jiggy with it attitude.

    1. Dude. I am SO deep. Lol

      Actually, I got an email not long ago from someone wondering if my life is perfect (if you go through older posts, I think it’s clear that it’s not. There’s a whole series about Chewy getting kicked out of preschool last year. Way to go, Son). So I wrote this super long, deep post about how my life isn’t perfect, but it’s funny.

      But the post was too whiny baby for me, so I scrapped it, and wrote about my fabulous toes instead!

      1. I know, right? Weirdest email ever. Well, that one and the guy who asked me to marry him off my Facebook photo, which is both funny AND sad.

        Scroll down a bit, buddy, and you’ll see that’s illegal in most states. 🙂

  4. I (OK, the guy at the salon) painted my toes a bright yellow-green (I don’t actually know what the color is called, because we call it Alesia-green, after our friend who wears it often) when Pea was about 18 months. Like peasoup green, only with more yellow? I

    Anyway, I couldn’t go anywhere barefoot without her having to touch my toenails and make OOOH sounds. I’d forgotten about that and it’s a good memory. Thank you!

    I usually go French on the pedi because it lasts and lasts and I am cheap. And if I do my toes myself, well, you can tell.

    1. I liked the French for the sane reason, which is why I usually do them myself. Yes, it shows, but I still like it (I really am considering little union jacks, if they can make that happen. It would be rad.)

  5. Love your post. I love painting my toenails. I’ve painted them every color from Electric Blue to Shimmery white. I’ve even dabbled with air brushed designs and rhinestones. I once painted them with three colors that faded into each other.
    Why be subtle when you can be different and bold?

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