Think About Your Life

So, I’m listening to my goofballs. Monk (7) says to Chewy (5): “Wanna play a game?”

Chewy: “No.”

Monk: “We should play Simon Says.”

Chewy: “Ugh. Fine.”

Monk: “Simon says, Go in the corner and think about your life.”

Chewy goes to the corner and yells: “Luke, I am your father.”

Monk: “Simon said, ‘Go in the corner and think about you life.’ You’re not thinking if your mouth is moving!” (Good Lord, she sounds like me!)

Chewy: “I did think about my life. Was done by the time I got here.”

Well played, boy. Well played.

4 thoughts on “Think About Your Life”

  1. Remember – silence is golden duct tape is silver! Just be happy you don’t have two teenage boys. The conversations I hear are not always fit for polite company (and they don’t even swear at each cause they know I’ll kill’em).

    1. Oh, this was the nice part of the conversation. It started with Chewy saying, “Monk, your butt stinks.” Her idea of punishment: making him think about his life.

      There’s also my favorite game of theirs: “What smells worse?” It’s alarming, but also a little endearing. Oh, and “Jack Russell,” which is Chewy hitting himself in the face until he punches himself in the cheek. Girl child made it up.

      But a part of me knows this for certain: I DO NOT want to be a fly on the wall for a conversation between teenage boys. 🙂

  2. I miss those days. Don’t get me wrong, when my kids were that age I didn’t get a minute’s peace….but now, too much silence.
    Your children sound like they’re a lot of fun, just like their mom.

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