A Summation and Undead Zombie Soccer

So here’s my week:

1. I’m blogging over at SMP authors today, where I’m chatting about how my husband and I managed to get married right in the middle of midterms my Senior year in college. Oh, and there’s a picture of me eating french fries in my wedding dress, for those of you who are interested. Here’s the link.

2. I’m still thinking about the PhD. I think, between husband and I, we’ve managed to come up with a way that it might be doable. Now I just have to hone my grant writing skills.

3. Work sucked. I have never cried so much about what’s going on there in my life. And then I realized I’m taking this entirely too seriously. I should be able to accept “People are stupid,” and move on, right? So why can’t I just do that? Accept that not everyone will agree with me, and move on?

Don’t know why I have such a problem with people making mistakes. It’s their lives, not mine. After all, I let my kid make mistakes.


Husband says I have to not care so much about work. Not sure how to do that, though.

4. Husband left town for a few days. He’s at gun school, and won’t be back until our anniversary. Actually, it’s a lot like our wedding: we took a long weekend, and then he went to gun school for a week, followed by training… uh… somewhere? We used to joke that we took separate honeymoons. Except that I stayed in my parents’ basement and took midterms; he shot automatic weapons. Oh, wait, that does describe us pretty perfectly. I like school, he likes guns.

5. My soccer team got killed on Saturday. I recognize the success of superior coaching, but in my defense, all of my girls were pretty lifeless. By half time, we referred to ourselves as “Zombie pixies.” Also, when I asked them what they learned during the game, it was,

Kid: “We really need to run faster. Oh, and to score.”

Me: “No. What do you think we’ve learned?”

Kid: “That we are really terrible when we’re tired?”

Me: “Well, that too. But can you think of some things we need to improve?”

Kid 2: “Who brought snacks?”

Me: “I don’t know. Now, before we start the next quarter–”

Kid 3, groaning: “We have another quarter?”

Kid 4: “Duh. We have another half, where we will get eaten alive.”

Me: “We’re zombies, honey. We eat them alive, not the other way around. C’mon, let’s do our cheer.”

KIds: “One. Two. Three. Go. Pixies.” (They could have been saying “Groan, moan, whatever. Pixies” for all the enthusiasm in the cheer.)

Me: Moans like a zombie.

Kids: Moan like zombies and wander onto the field. Slowly. Very slowly.

At least it got a laugh.


11 thoughts on “A Summation and Undead Zombie Soccer”

      1. Sweet! I love it. Your a woman after younger son’s heart. The kid loves McDonald’s fries and I think he’s totally jealous of your hubby at gun camp. Although, he did spend the day earning his rifle merit badge shooting clay pigeons. So he’s got nothing to complain about.

      2. Husband is just waiting for one of the children to go into 4H. They have a whole shooting thing they do. Alas, they’re both in love with archery, and are desperate to take archery lessons. (Though Boy does love guns. Hubs is just waiting until he’s older to take him out. He can’t wait to teach him!)

        I love how you put that: gun camp. Pitch a tent, sing some songs, shoot some guns. Sounds better than when I say he’s gone to gun school in Vegas. Then I get the wise nods, like, “Oh, yeah, gun school. With strippers.”

        I feel like there’s a story in that!

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  1. I take work too seriously, too. no matter how often I tell myself to lay off the caring, I can’t shake the desire to make a reall difference despite apathy or ignorance.

    Zombie soccer sounds like a kick. ( Badumpbump… )

    Hang in there. I’ve got the flu so I’m crying and laughing with you, woman.

  2. As always a terrific post. I’m happy for you that you were able to come up with a plan for your PhD. Hmmm – Dr. Meggan?

    Loved your zombie conversation. Good luck with the Pixies. Hmmm – zombie pixies playing soccer?

    Well anyway, enjoy your anniversary.

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