My Cat Plays Quarters!

So yeah, I should totally be writing about steampunk, building my brand and all that.

Instead, I’m watching my cat play her version of quarters.

See, I think my cat is weird. She likes coins. If you leave some coins out on a table, chances are you’ll find them in her food dish. If you don’t leave out coins, she’ll bite you and take them anyway.

Call it kitty shake down.



A Strategy for Dealing with Difficult People

Now, we’ve all had it: the meeting with someone who is difficult. That meeting you just don’t want to go to, whether it’s a confrontation with your boss, or with a difficult customer/client, or, if you’re a teacher, like me, a difficult parent. (Or, if you’re a parent, a difficult teacher)

Yesterday, I saw a picture that said something along the lines of “I put on my big girl panties, my bitch bra, my shit kicker boots…” and I thought, yes! I do that.

But that’s not the only thing I put on. No, seriously, I have a whole, “You’re a pain in the ass, so I’m going to put on my don’t mess with me wardrobe.”

A long time ago, I read some article that said that red is a very powerful color. Dominant. So, if I want to feel dominant, I wear red. Inevitably.

Red sweater, black pants, and really tall boots. I’m tall anyway, but I have one pair of boots that make me over six feet tall. My friends can spot a difficult meeting when the Amazon in red–with the bright red lipstick (not dark red, bright red) walks in. They know it’s really difficult if they see me reapply said red lips.

The other day, I walked in to work. An out of state gentleman from a private firm was supposed to be observing one of my classrooms. Being honest, I felt totally relaxed about it–after all, as speech, not very many people know what I actually do, and he wasn’t looking at me. Sure, I was there doing therapy, but I didn’t feel like I was the one under scrutiny.

But subconsciously, I must have felt it.

Because it wasn’t until I was escorting him down the hall that I realized, A) I’m really freakishly tall and B) Ohhhh, I’m wearing my power colors. And the power shoes. Which put me a good two inches taller than he was.

Sure, I sacrifice the comfort of my feet, but it works.

What about you? What do you do to feel confident? (Or, are you drawn that way? If so, lucky you!)

Pogo nip.

Living in the high desert, we don’t get a lot of fog, but when we do, it’s… fascinating.

For the most part, it only happens in January and February, and it doesn’t happen every year. Admittedly, since I moved out from the main city proper, we have more instances of fog than we did when we lived in the valley itself. Now, we get it once a year.

Lately, the pogo nip has been sticking around for quite a long time. Normally, it’s gone early in the morning, but the fog has been clinging to the hills until the afternoon–after I’ve gone out for duty and come back in. Here’s some pictures!



It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But good lord, it’s freaking freezing.

At least I’ve got cute boots (and yes, these boots are actually mine).


What I’m Up To

Today, you can find me on Callie Hutton’s blog, where I am discussing attainable resolutions.

Number one on that list: Not punching buffalo in the face. Because that would be weird, says the girl who once kind of punched a llama. It’s a long story. Maybe, one day, I’ll tell it.

So come visit me on Callie’s blog, and you can see the resolutions I’m relatively sure I’ll be able to keep. On Sunday, I’ll be on the Soul Mate Publishing blog. I think I’m going to write about how I feature prominently in my books. On Monday, I’m blogging on Eleni’s Taverna, where I’m going to talk a bit about my upcoming release, Jessie’s War. If you click on the link, you’ll get to read about an interview I did with my hero, Cameron Mackay, from Wandering Heart, part of the Highland Sons anthology. See the shirtless guy over there? Yeah, that one. That’s the story I’m talking about.

Then, January 18th, I’ll be posting on the Writing Secrets of Seven Scribes, which is a fantastic blog if you’ve never been there. I’ll be posting on either why I write jerks, or… something. That same day, you can catch an interview with little old me on the Musa blog, where I talk about all things… ME!

So, hopefully you’ll join me on my various and sundry adventures in the blogging world. I hope to see you around!