Pogo nip.

Living in the high desert, we don’t get a lot of fog, but when we do, it’s… fascinating.

For the most part, it only happens in January and February, and it doesn’t happen every year. Admittedly, since I moved out from the main city proper, we have more instances of fog than we did when we lived in the valley itself. Now, we get it once a year.

Lately, the pogo nip has been sticking around for quite a long time. Normally, it’s gone early in the morning, but the fog has been clinging to the hills until the afternoon–after I’ve gone out for duty and come back in. Here’s some pictures!



It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But good lord, it’s freaking freezing.

At least I’ve got cute boots (and yes, these boots are actually mine).


2 thoughts on “Pogo nip.”

  1. Great boots. I love the fog. I use to live in Carmel and would wake up every morning to fog. There’s nothing like a brisk walk along the beach in foggy weather.

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