Random Writing Post

It’s late on Sunday night, and I’ve been contemplating writing.

I write–mostly–historicals. Sure, I’ve got an urban fantasy in there, but my published body of work–and, indeed, most of my work–is historicals. My work of late hasn’t been pure historical: Wandering Heart had the occult in it, and light paranormal elements, and Jessie’s War is a steampunk. Still they share a common thread with The Marker: They’re set in the Victorian era in the West.

Right now, I’m branching out a little bit. It’s still an historical, and it’s got some light paranormal elements to it. Not full on magic, but, like Wandering Heart, there is the suggestion of magic. Of things not always being what they seem. I’m branching out a little bit more than usual, because, unlike the others, it’s not set in the West. No, the latest WIP is set in Scotland.

In any case, it’s almost done now. Almost. I’ve got maybe three or four more chapters to go, and then it’s done. I’m super excited to share it with you.

But I’m thinking of changing gears. Maybe write something different. Or maybe write something that wraps up every genre into one book.

A Scottish vampire duke goes to the American West, becomes a cowboy and solves mysteries in an airship. With lots of hot sex!



So, what are your favorite genres to read? What do you look for in a good story?


In case you missed it, here are this week’s sites for the blog tour. You can win a pocket watch pendant, a choker, and a copy of my book, The Marker… All for showing up and leaving a comment. Cool, huh? And don’t forget to check out Jessie’s WarI promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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