Welcome to Romance Weekly


Welcome to the latest edition of Romance Weekly! As always, it’s great to be here! Here are the latest questions. Follow the links all the way around to meet some new authors and hear their thoughts on these questions!

1. How does your writing impact your inner life?

My inner life? Actually, I rather thought my writing was my inner life.

Writing is what happens in my head, only I put it down on paper. I’ve always been the kid with the interior monologue always going; when I decided (at almost 35!) that I would try my hand at writing, it was merely about putting what was happening in my head down on paper. And I discovered that, when I put the words down on paper, and the characters have their story told, I don’t think about them anymore. It frees me up to think about other things, I guess.

2. How do you hope your books affect your readers?

When people read my books, I want them to have hope. That’s what I think is wonderful about romance novels. I’m not looking to change lives or anything–I don’t think I’m Oprah. But no matter what anyone else says about romance novels, there is one thing that romance novels do better than any other genre, and that’s offer hope. No matter how bleak the situation, when I pick up a romance novel, I know everything is going to work out in the end. And I think that’s an important message to take away: that there is always hope. People need that hope. Sometimes, hope is the only way that people get through the day.

3. Has anyone ever told you your book changed their life? If so, how?

I wish. Alas, no. Maybe someday, right? :O)

Follow the link to see what Elizabeth Jannette has to say on the subject!


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Romance Weekly”

    1. Yup. I guess I figured it was pretty bad when the Hubster looked at me and said, “You like the people in your head better than you like most people.”

      And all I could do was shrug and say, “Yeah.”

      (Here’s the thing: I like most people. I just like the folks in my head a little better)

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