What to Write?

By my very nature, I’m a genre jumper.

I read everything, from Highlanders to Regency to westerns. I like sweet contemporaries, dark paranormal, and literary fiction. I like science fiction and epic fantasy. It’s all good.

So I guess it’s no surprise that I’m a genre jumper in my writing, too.

My first three books, The Marker, Wandering Heart and Jessie’s War, were all westerns. And I know it seems weird, but when I wrote my latest, it was a prequel to Wandering Heart. And a sequel, too.

In any case, Wandering Heart came first. Then came Highland Deception.

It was an experience for me. I was used to writing 1870s Nevada/California. Writing 1725 Scotland involved loads of research, changing the dialect I was used to writing, heavily debating how much dialect was needed, putting in more, taking some out, and throwing my hands up in frustration. It involved looking up words–oh, so many words–in my etymology dictionary to make sure they were in use in the time period.

And now I’m changing it up again. Or considering it, anyway. I’m writing the same period as Highland Deception, but it’s England. The story I’m writing is Ethan Standish’s, who is the Duke of Dunmoore and Isobel’s cousin.

His story–his backstory anyway–has been floating around in my head since I wrote Highland Deception. I loved Ethan. Now I think it’s time for him to get his own, as yet untitled, love story.

Hey, maybe I’ll let you guys pick. If you’ve read Highland Deception, what do you think I should call Ethan’s? And what should I name the heroine?

I’ve got two names I’m toying with for her: Elizabeth and Catherine (“Cat” for short). I’ll take other suggestions, though. Think stubborn, resourceful, and enough of a match for Ethan to force him from his estate.



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