Romance Weekly: Writing Process


Welcome to this week’s installment of Romance Weekly! This week is all about the process of writing–inspiration, creativity, and the simple action. If you’re here, hopefully you linked from Collette Cameron.

Let’s get to it!

1. If someone could observe you writing without you knowing they were there, what strange practices might they catch you doing?

Uh… I don’t know. I have a tendency to mutter to myself. A lot. Often, swear words (hey, I write after the kids go to bed. I figure it’s my time to let my language fly… but you never know when little ears might be listening, so I only mutter). A sample conversation with  myself might go something like this:

Me: This doesn’t work. *Expletive*

Me: Maybe I can make it work.

Me: This still sucks.

Me: *Expletive* (Then I hit delete key many, many times)

Me: *Expletive* I should have saved that. It wasn’t that bad.

Me: Nah, it doesn’t matter.

Me: What’s wrong with my computer now?

Me: *Expletive*

2. Other than a creative outlet, how does writing benefit you?

I think the creative outlet is the most important part of the process. At least it is for me. I’m not going to get rich doing this (not that I would turn down Nora Roberts money… but I’d probably have to write like Nora Roberts to get it, and I can’t do that. I’m a book a year kind of girl), so having some sort of creative outlet is necessary for me.

But I guess it does benefit me in other ways. Often, I’ll find bits of my husband in my characters. Since I tend to love my characters, it reminds me why he’s great. I think, when you’ve been with a person for a long time (in my case, really all of my adult life), sometimes you can forget why you fell in love with him/her. For me, writing these characters, I’m reminded why I love the man that I do. Even when he drives me bonkers.

3. How do you feed your muse?

My muse is like a dog: easily distracted and likes to go for car rides.

Actually, that’s so true it’s a little sad.

I like a  long drive in the car. When we have the time, which is not that often anymore, husband and I will pick a destination and drive there. It makes for a long day, but we’ve gone to some cool places. One day, thinking that the place we were going was “not that far,” we drove to central Nevada and found some cool petroglyphs, which started us on our quest to find more of them through out the state. We’ve gone to some cool places because of that one accidental find.

Here are some pictures from that first trip in the car (the more faded ones are the older petroglyphs)DSCF1304:

DSCF1346DSCF1357DSCF1327Why not go to Jami Denise and see how she answered these same questions!





16 thoughts on “Romance Weekly: Writing Process”

  1. Beautiful words about your husband. A lot of us seem to forget that man we fell in love with.

    1. That is the good thing about writing. It helps us to remember. There have been times when I’ll think, “I love that (insert character) did this.” Then I’ll realize that M did or said something similar. 🙂

    1. Mine decided that all files are corrupted. I don’t know if it thought it was the LAPD circa 1949, but it keeps telling me all my files are corrupted. Hubs is fixing it tonight. He really is a jack of all trades, my gun-toting, criminal investigating, IT guy.

  2. Love what you said about your husband, too. It’s easy to forget in the day to day slog how you felt when you’re eyes first met and your heart said “Him.” That’s why I love to read and write romance.

    1. He knows he makes it into my books, so it keeps him on his toes.

      But never again am I promising that he can write the dedication. But I did promise, so I let him write it for Jessie’s War. And it’s so snarky I’m embarrassed. 🙂

  3. Yup. I’m a cusser. The F-word is the cheapest, quickest therapy there is! I also like to go adventuring. My dad started doing that with us when we were really small, and we did it often. I saw so many cool things, and daydreamed for hours as we traveled. I love your cool findings too! How cool!

  4. My hubby keeps asking me when I’m going to set up the photo shoot for him… for my book cover. LOL Which reminds me why I love him so.

    Loved your pictures of your travels. I love Nevada. It’s a very beautiful place. Hope to make it out there again soon.

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