Attack of the Vanilla Bean

She’s cute. She’s cuddly. She’s a holy terror.

Our new puppy, Vanilla Bean (Nilla), is a smart girl. She knows all her basic commands. She’s as sweet as she can possibly be.

She’s a bad puppy.

I think I had forgotten how naughty labs are when left to their own devices. And while Nilla is only 1/4 lab, it’s enough.

Generally, the dogs are out outside in the morning, but that didn’t happen this morning. So today, I heard some banging and came downstairs to find:

1) an overturned coffee table, missing it’s marble top.
2) said marble top, underneath my couch.
3) half a dozen broken plastic Easter eggs, which were taken off the counter. I also found the plastic bag that used to house them. Shredded.
4) a torn up, half-eaten Starbucks cup.
5) some coffee, staining my new-to-me suede couch (the stain removal protocol I found seems to have worked at fixing that).
6) the couch blanket, wadded up in the middle of the couch.
7) a very happy puppy.

Francis, my shepherd, never took stuff off the counter. I can leave an entire turkey up there, and, if it doesn’t hit the floor, he won’t touch it.

She helps herself.

At least she’s cute.

Here’s a picture of the baby and the old man. 🙂




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