Romance Writers Weekly: Book Boyfriends

The fabulous Sarah Hegger asked me to list my top three book boyfriends, and explain why I love them so much. Well, here we go.

1. Jericho Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series

The why of this is harder to pin down. Barrons is the ultimate bad boy: he’ll chew you up and spit you out (quite literally). He’s so far beyond alpha male that he’s an Omega–the last man you’ll ever have. Which, as I write, doesn’t sound appealing at all, but trust me, so is.

I think Barrons is one of those men that you either buy into right away or you never do. He’s not especially kind, but he’s magnetic. You’re either drawn to that or you’re not.

2. Smite Turner from Courtney Milan’s Unraveled.

I loved Smite from the first moment I met him. He was stiff and aloof, but brilliant, too. His past, his childhood was so awful, but he found a way to overcome it.

What I loved most about Smite is that he recognized that love wasn’t going to heal him, fix him, and make him whole. It changed him and made him a better man, but I felt like he remained essentially the same. Because underneath that cool demeanor beat the heart of a very good, if tortured, man, and by the end of the book, he let us see it.

3. Drummond Roak from Jodi Thomas’ The Lone Texan.

I loved Drum. I guess, in a way, this is the character who, of all the characters mentioned, reminds me the most of the man I married. Drum is an alpha male, but he’s a good guy with a very strict moral code. It might not be the most conventional moral code, but you know there are lines he won’t cross. He’s also willing to risk it all for the woman he loves, and he will be loyal to her until his dying day. There is something achingly romantic about that.

So there are my three. Why not stop in and see what LaNora Mangano has to say about her book boyfriends!


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