A look back

Five years ago, I posted a 40 before 40… Today I hit that particular number, and decided to see how I did.

1. Get out of debt (this is a big one, and may only be doable  before 40 if I publish a few books or we inherit some money from a mysterious, long-lost aunt, but a girl can dream).

I actually did this one–mostly. I owe on cars and the house, but the credit cards are paid off. So there is that.

2. Take a fabulous vacation. I’d say Prague and Budapest, followed by a jaunt through Croatia and maybe a stop off on Mykonos, but I think that number one is completely unattainable if we go that route, so I’ll settle for Hawaii.

It wasn’t foreign, but we found some pretty cool stuff in our back yard, and have been to some fantastic places in Oregon, so there is that.

3. Hike to the summit of a nearby mountain.

It wasn’t the one I envisioned, but I did do this. Had an asthma attack along the way, too.

4. Take the kids camping.

We got REALLY into camping two years ago, and have never looked back.

5. Go fishing.


6. Learn to love myself–scars, saggy everything and all.

I’m closer than I was, but probably not all the way there yet.

7. Get a really fabulous haircut.


8. Change my hair color.

I went red for a month. It was cute, but the dye burned my scalp.

9. Go camping at Mt. Ranier. Hike up as far as reason and normal people would go (not going to do ice climbing or repelling. I mean, hiking. That’s it).

Didn’t do this, but I went to Oregon instead.

10. Get into shape (other than amorphous blob). Like with actual muscles.

Uh, no.

11. Lose 20 more pounds. And then I’m done. Everything else is gravy.

I did this, but it came back when I started eating again. Welcome, pounds.

I don’t feel quite as bad about this as I should. I gave up wheat, stopped barfing, began eating again, and gained weight. I feel like it’s an even trade. It was so bad for awhile that I knew I could go five days with no food before my sugar crashed and I got REALLY cranky. I’m glad that’s behind me.

12. Go on a “girls only” trip, even if only for a weekend. Not a work trip, but an actual trip. Spas, massage, girl bonding. I’ve neglected my girls and I miss them.

I did this, and it was great.

13. Finish a half marathon. Don’t care if I have to walk it, but I want to finish one.

I’m not even sure how far a half marathon is.

14. In that same vein, get well. I’m sick of being sick and tired. Find a doctor who will actually believe me when I say I’m not well and not tell me “You don’t look sick” and that I need to “Go enjoy my life” when I’m wrapped around the toilet three days a week. Because barfing and enjoyment are somewhat mutually exclusive in my world.

I’m better. Not great, and I’m working on getting that fixed.

15.  Buy pants not in a fat girl store and not in the fat girl section of a major department store (I’m actually fairly close on this one).

I did this. It was fantastic.

16. Start saving for college for the kids. Should’ve done this years ago, but better late than never, right?

We started…

17. Get the kids in swimming lessons. Keep going.

Did this, too.

18. Figure out a way to make Chewey behave more… consistently.

I wish. It’s better. Still hard, but better.

19. Calm the f*ck down.

Nah, this one isn’t mastered, probably because I never got around to 20.

20. Take up yoga.

I’ve done yoga twice. Does that count?

21. Meditate.

Uh, no. Not yet.

22. Finish my series (both of them).

I didn’t do this either, but I’m working on it. I wrote other books instead.

23. Find an agent.

I didn’t do this, either.

24. Find an editor.

I did this one! Thank you, Debby from SoulMate!

25. Get published… OR still be trying.

I did this four times over!

26. Learn to accept my mother as she is, and not how I wish she were.

I did accept that she would never change. The way I’ve dealt with that was unexpected.

27. Tell M I love him more often. Daily would be good.

I try.

28. Tell the kids I love them every day, even when they’re being… imperfect children.

I think I do this. I haven’t counted.

29. Figure out how to program a darn Dynavox.

I did this

30. Go someplace new once a year. Even if it’s close by.

We do this! It goes with the camping!

31. Learn to get out of my comfort zone. And know that I’ll be OK outside of my box.

Well, I’m a work in progress.

32. Get more technologically savvy (kinda goes along with 31).

I’m still working on it, but I’m more technologically savvy than I was. After all, I’m doing this on my phone.

33. Don’t allow people to put me in a box. I’m more complicated than that.

I’m better at this

34. Go to New York and see a show on Broadway.

Didn’t do this. That’s okay.

35. Visit with my friends more often.

I do this all the time now!

36. Redecorate the computer room. Some nice tropical theme would be nice.

It became a play room for this kids. So no office for me….

37. Paint the boy’s room.

I did this!

38. Paint the living room.

I didn’t do this.

39. Get the floors finally finished downstairs. Floors are done. Baseboards are not (Yes, I’m giving myself four years to finish a project that should, realistically, take a weekend to finish. Why do you ask?).

Embarrassed to say, it’s STILL not done. But we have plans.

40. Have great sex in some fabulous place. Really, this one SHOULDN’T be last.

I’ll never tell.

So there are my 40 before 40. I guess I didn’t do too badly with it!