Romance Writer’s Weekly: Guilty Pleasures

If you’re here, you’ve hopefully hopped from Dani Jace, so welcome! Today’s installment is from the ever-delightful Sarah Hegger, who asks: What is your secret passion? I have a thing for shoes and B-grade fantasy movies, what are some of your guilty pleasures?

Well. Hm. While guilty pleasure implies I feel bad about this–and I don’t– I have a thing for pens. I love pens. Fountain pens, fine point pens, calligraphy pens. I even have a thing for a certain edge on my Expo markers. Buying a pen (if I care about it; I do own BIC pens, after all, but I hate them) is a very personal thing for me. I like a certain weight of pen, not too heavy, but not too light, something firm with a certain weight so that the ink falls just so–except for fine points, which are supposed to be light.  The right pen just has a certain… je ne sais quoi about it. The type of pen, to me, determines the optimum weight and the optimum width. Not every pen has to be the same, but I do like them when they are the right pen for a given task. I’ve even been known to go out on a hunt for the right pen, and gotten excited when I found a pen that I knew was THE PEN (I once got breathless with excitement over a pen that was pewter, engraved with Celtic symbols, fine point–shoot, it’s almost like I’m describing a wand in Harry Potter. I then gave it to my husband. I must like him.)

Gah, I sound like such a weirdo. “I like pens.” Who says that? Well, me, I guess. I suppose am that weirdo.

Why not take a peek at what JJ Devine has to say on the subject?



5 thoughts on “Romance Writer’s Weekly: Guilty Pleasures”

  1. This made me LOL so hard. I have found the PERFECT pen finally – and I buy it over and over and over now – haven’t changed in about a year – but I still try new ones out every so often, just to make sure something better hasn’t come along. 🙂 Love the post Meggan!

  2. Ohhhhh Pens. Yes, Yes. Pens. And Mechanical pencils and post it notes. Must go back and fix my hop as I realize this is a big guilty pleasure of mine :-)Really like this guilty pleasure!

  3. I love pens as well. My favorite lately is the Tul pens, with a really fine point. Such a smooth writing tool.

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