The Queen Killer

Finalist, 2010 Heart to Heart contest

Single-title paranormal romance, with series potential

Book One: Sentinels of the Nephilim

Arriving on scene at a brutal–yet shockingly bloodless–slaying, San Francisco detective Margaret O’Shea immediately senses that this is no ordinary murder, and this victim is no ordinary girl. When the victim’s body is stolen from the morgue and replaced with another, Maggie realizes this case is so much more than a murder. But her biggest problem isn’t stolen bodies and changed or missing evidence—it’s that no one else seems to notice.

Winged, fanged, and possessing immense power, Alek da Lucca is a sentinel, a man charged with keeping his race’s existence a secret. His position makes him both a threat to and a protector of the queens who rule his kind. When a young queen is murdered, he breaks his vow of secrecy to enlist Maggie’s help in finding the killer before he or she strikes again—and before Alek, the prime suspect, becomes the accused. But for all that Alek reveals to her, the one secret he keeps may be his most lethal: that the moment he revealed his true nature to Maggie, she became the killer’s next target.


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