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Follow Up–The Monster Dating Game

The follow up to The Monster Dating Game can be found here.

Today, I’m guest blogging on Brooke Moss’s blog. Stop by and check out the dark side of dating monsters (since we did the pros of dating my friends Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman). Apparently, I’m a person worth stalking. And all this time, I thought my high school stalker was just bat sh*t crazy!

Hope to see you there!



The Monster Dating Game

Happy All Saints’ Day!

Well, it’s that time of year again, when monsters and goblins come out to play. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and not just because my husband and I met at a Halloween party.

I love the chill in the air and the decorations, all black and crimson and orange. All the drama and the pageantry that goes along with this particular holiday.

Not to mention, you’re not really expected at family functions, so you don’t have to pretend nice to your drunk uncle or listen to your parents fight over politics.

So, in honor of my now dearly departed favorite holiday, I’m exploring what it would be like to date some famous monsters. This is part one of a two-part series–part two can be found here on Thursday.

Isn't that the Paso Doble? He could totally be on Dancing With the Stars

Bachelor Number One: Count Dracula  

Bachelor Number One is as cool as a cucumber, ladies. Tall, dark and handsome, and smooth as silk. He has charm in spades, and if you look into his eyes… uh, what was I saying again? And what are these marks on my neck…

Oh, right. I digress.

If you were to date him, you’d get to hobnob with royalty. After all, he’s a freaking count. Sure, it’s of an obscure territory in Transylvania, and sure, the inhabitants of said country are either undead or terrified, but still… nobility is nobility, right? Right?

You want time to shop during the day? Time alone? Well, then, Bachelor Number One is the man for you! He’ll never bother you during the day. But at night… well, ladies, that’s when our bachelor likes to come out and play.

The strong and silent type. And check out those bedroom eyes.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Mary Shelley‘s famous creation–the original zombie–has a certain charm all his own.

Our Bachelor Number Two is the strong, silent type.  He also comes from a wealthy family, and was created, er, born in a castle (now how many men can say that?). He is a sensitive, largely self-educated man who seeks only a woman with similar interests with whom he can spend the rest of his days. And if he doesn’t kill you, you can rest assured he will protect you–at eight feet tall, he can fend off anyone who would insult you.

Choose Bachelor Number Two, ladies, and you too could spend the rest of your days with a man who would adore you (there’s a clause to this, but we’ll get into that later).

The Wolfman

What'd I tell you? A real party animal

Bachelor Number Three is a real catch. An actor by day, he is sensitive and caring. But watch out ladies… Under the light of a full moon, he turns into a real animal. A strong, silent, virile animal. Now just imagine that! And hey, here’s a man capable of change. While our other bachelors may be a bit stuck in their ways, Bachelor Number Three is a man who is capable of great change once a month!

There you have it… Join me at Brooke Moss’ blog later this week for Part Two of my Dating Monsters series!

Happy All Saints’ Day!