I write in three different genres: Historical romances, urban fantasy/paranormal romances, and then I write a combination of the two–steam punk. I read my first historical romance–Julie Garwood–when I was 16. Found it in the condo we were staying at on the beach, and was immediately hooked. Not long after, I bought my first Johanna Lindsey novel. They were the secret books a high school English nerd read when not reading Twain and Shakespeare. They kept me company in college through Chaucer and Freud and Kafka. I even read one of Johanna Lindsey’s novels in German and called it research. They will always remind me of the beach, of vacation, and of escape. A piece of my heart will always belong to them.

But I also loved the dark stuff too. Dracula, Anne Rice’s Lestat, The Lost Boys. I love stories about vampires and demons, tormented angels. They entertained me on the long, lonely flight to Germany. They kept me company during break ups and arguments with friends and all the other trials of adolescence and early adulthood. For me, these characters represent the dark, twisty place in all of us–the place we all have that we can’t let out because we want to fit in. Or we work with preschoolers, and dark and twisty goes about as well with preschoolers as vampires and rainbows.

So I write in both genres. Sometimes, I like to keep it real. Sometimes, I like to torment my characters in ways that just aren’t possible if one is, say, human…

You can read synopses of each of my finished manuscripts; you can also read the synopsis for my soon to be published debut novel, The Marker, due in December of 2011 from Soul Mate Publishing. Further, I’ve included the synopses for my works in progress: Shanghaied, featuring James Campbell from The Marker, and The Dark Relic, which is the second in my Sentinels of the Nephilim series.

Happy reading!


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