What Makes A Book Compelling?

I’m putting this out there to the blogosphere:

What, to you, makes a book compelling?

Is it voice? Beautiful prose? Characters? Is it a novel premise?

To me, a compelling story has a great voice, and I want to like the characters. I don’t have to like them right away, but I need to see some spark that tells me this person isn’t all bad. There was one book, years ago, where the prose were absolutely gorgeous, and that kept me reading far longer than I normally would have. I still eventually gave up, because I absolutely hated the main character, and after two hundred pages, I found nothing redeemable in him.

I don’t necessarily have to have a novel premise, because there are no new stories under the sun, and limited new ways to tell them.

I’ve even read books that are essentially about nothing that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

What makes you enjoy a book?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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