First Day Jitters

Monk has been… a little challenging recently.

Typically, she’s very enthusiastic about everything… Unless, of course, she hates it and it’s wretched. Simply wretched.

Lately, she’s been hating everything, so her attitude has been… not the best. Not to mention that the sleep walking has been really, really bad. Every night, up and confused, wandering the hallways. Last night, we found her in the bathtub. We think she might have been trying to pee in there.

In any case, today I found out who her first grade teacher is going to be. So when I picked her up at daycare, I told her in the car. I talked up the teacher–she’s really pretty, and really nice, and just so great. I told her she’d love her teacher, and I think she will. I’m pleased by who she got.

So when we came home after swimming lessons, Monk ate dinner (she never eats dinner), took a shower, and went to sleep. And now, at almost ten o’clock (her witching hour), she is still asleep in her bed. It’s bliss.

In any case, I’m feeling like a mom failure because I didn’t recognize her bad attitude for the anxiety it actually is. I’ve only been aware of the symptoms, but not the etiology of the problem. If I had been, maybe I would have talked her through it, rather than punishing her behaviors. I should have seen her behavior for what it was. I should have been more empathetic. I should have done a lot of things it didn’t occur to me to do until after the fact.

I’ll do better next time.


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